We love code!

At Praxis, we can't get enough of code. It is a true delight to take your project through from concept to creation. Whether you need common website features, such as a blog, news archive, or gallery, or something completely custom-built, Praxis Interactive can cater for your requirements. Contact us today, or get a free quote.


Our app platform is modular and grows with your project. New features can easily be added.


All of our apps are deliberately made to be easy to use via any popular web browser.


By taking advantage of new technology such as PHP 7, our apps are blazingly fast.


Since our apps are built upon open-source code, you are not locked in to a single developer.


Our apps are designed to give you as much flexibility as possible with customisation.


Your app code is hosted privately at Bitbucket and contains a complete history of your project.

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