Mobilegeddon: What Does It Mean For You?

30 April 2015 6:00p.m. Search Engine Optimisation

By now, unless you've been living under a rock, you would have heard about the infamous "Mobilegeddon". Is this really the doomsday it's made out to be for your aging website? In this month's blog, let's delve into what exactly Mobilegeddon is, and how it affects you.

Google Set to Reward Mobile-Friendly Websites

30 November 2014 4:00p.m. Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine behemoth Google may be about to reward you for having a mobile-friendly website. Earlier this month, Google announced on their Webmaster Central Blog about upcoming changes to their search results which will clearly indicate to users which sites are optimised for mobile browsing.

Why You Need To Let Go Of Your Old Browser

28 February 2014 10:33a.m. Software and Applications

Are you still using a browser from the prehistoric era? In terms of the computing scene, prehistoric could be as recent as five years ago. Holding on to an out-of-date browser hurts the development of the web, and affects how your own site performs for you. In this blog post we'll explain why you should always stay up-to-date.

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