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Social networking giant Facebook has announced that they will finally add support for animated GIFs in the Facebook News Feed. The decision marks a significant change in policy, with the company previously stating that support for animated GIFs would make the news feed "too chaotic". The GIF file format first appeared way, way back in 1987.

Animated GIF support on Facebook? Whaaaa...?!

Instead of supporting animated GIFs, so far Facebook has concentrated on video support, with auto-playing videos added in late 2013. Recently, Twitter added support for GIFs which may have forced Facebook's hand in the matter. Facebook's support for animated GIFs is now rolling out across the social network.

To try out animated GIFs, users can paste a link to a GIF hosted on an external website, such as Imgur, into their status box. The GIF will be animated after you post. You can not currently upload GIFs directly, however, and see the same results.

If GIFs are not yet working for you, the rollout may not have been applied to your profile yet. We also understand that Facebook will not support GIFs on Pages or in Facebook ads, which is probably a good thing.

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