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Well it's here at last, the new responsive Praxis Interactive web site! We've been working overtime putting the finishing touches on our new site and the content management system that drives it. You are now looking at a site running on our all new Praxis CMS, built upon the proven SilverStripe platform, and using the Skeleton responsive design boilerplate. Overall we have been very impressed indeed with how the platform performs as a content management system and as an application framework.

We've learned a lot over the past year, but one thing we know for certain is that SilverStripe is the best choice for delivering our projects. We are absolutely delighted with how it has performed and relieved that our initial taste of the platform was just as sweet as the main course. Praxis CMS combines SilverStripe and Skeleton together to create a powerful package for responsive web development.

Over the years, we've explored many other third-party content management systems and application frameworks for our sites, but each of them has fallen short of our expectations. SilverStripe is the exception: it is the diamond in the rough. We are delighted to now offer Praxis CMS to our valued clients, which builds upon the foundations of the SilverStripe platform. Skeleton was chosen as our responsive boilerplate as it's the most no-nonsense product we have found for responsive design. It provides the tools for making the site responsive, and then gets out of the way, which is perfect for our development process.

No system is flawless, and there is a learning curve for any firm who chooses to adopt a system that is not their own. That said, SilverStripe to us is one of the most logical and thoughtfully designed systems we've ever used. You may have heard the phrase "everything just works" when talking about a certain brand of personal computers, phones and tablets; that's precisely how we consider this system. With only the occasional minor exception, "everything just works". We hope we can continue to deliver this experience with our Praxis CMS projects.

Rebuilding our own responsive site on the platform has allowed us to further our knowledge on the finer details of SilverStripe development, and unlike many competing products, it's been great fun and a really positive experience. Already we have a developed a core group of responsive modules and widgets for the platform which we can offer to clients, such as the blog you are using right now.

We are very much excited to be part of the growing community of SilverStripe developers, and look forward to what this incredibly promising platform has to offer as we code our way into the future!

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