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Here at Praxis Interactive, we pride ourselves on providing a content management system for our clients that is easy-to-use, fully featured, fast, and appealing to the eye. Over the past few years, we have been building upon a foundation that we refer to as the "standard install" of Praxis CMS for all of our clients: a highly customised version of the SilverStripe CMS that we believe delivers on all of the aforementioned promises.

This workhouse has underpinned all sites built during this period, but it's now time for us to update the core of the CMS and start delivering an improved experience for our clients. Thus, today we're excited to announce that development has commenced on the new version of Praxis CMS, and we expect to start deploying sites built using this foundation later this year.

Here are some of the features planned for the new version:

  • completely revised and updated user interface to better align with current UX trends
  • updated content editor with improved handling of text pasted from Word
  • increased flexibility for page appearance with more client control over layout
  • standardised 1200px wide grid for responsive designs to better match monitor sizes
  • improved upload field for file and image uploads (no longer depends on Flash)
  • in-built facilities for adding special effects such as "parallax backgrounds"

We're really excited to be working on this, and following extensive testing of the new CMS, we will deploy all new projects with the new version as the foundation. Stay tuned for more!

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